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Vouchers & Codes Explained

Vouchers, Codes & Coupons.
An easy way of getting discounts on all kinds of products and services is to use what are known as "vouchers" or "coupons". These are entitlements for discounts issued by companies for their products. The first coupons have their origins in the United States at the turn of the 20th century. They were used by companies as an aid for the marketing of breakfast cereals and the new Coca-Cola drink. They were traditionally printed vouchers which people could cut and keep for part exchange of the physical goods or services at the tiime of transaction. The internet has seen the rise of "coupon codes" or "voucher codes" which are short codes issued by retailers for use on retail websites with the code entitling the user to a discount on the advertised price.

Using your discount

Discounts are applied at transaction time. Returned goods are exchanged for the price minus the discount - i.e. you can't make a profit by returning goods you bought with a discount. Some vouchers/codes are for use by certain individuals only and are not transferable. You could be breaking the terms and conditions if you transfer or sell vouchers or codes. Always check the terms and conditions. Always check the source of origin of the voucher/code.

Look out for codes and vouchers in magazines, newspapers and the internet. A list of sites providing codes are:











Tip: If you're shopping at a specialist retail store, such as say a clothes shop, before using your voucher to get the discount, go in during a quiet period and ask for a discount greater than the value of the voucher. Very often retailers will give discounts if they're not too busy - basically they need your business more than you need them. They can only refuse. Either you get the discount as well as getting to keep your voucher to use again or get the stated discount using the voucher.

Trading Vouchers

It is possible to trade coupons and codes throgh sites such as Ebay. However be sure of the t&c of the coupon before you use it.
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