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3 Dead Cert Tips

Make your own lunch.
Make your own lunch. Eating out or sandwich plus drink is going to cost upwards of £5 a day. We reckon by preparing your own food in bulk at home you can do this for about £3 a day. Plus you'll know what's gone into it and it'll likely be healthier. Do it for a month and save £50.
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Redundancy Payment - tax
Be aware how much redundancy payment can be worth to you - it can be a useful cash buffer so it is wise to have an idea how much you might get. If you're payment is below £30K and you have left your job then your tax rate goes down to 20% but remember you may have to pay more later if you resume work in the same tax year.
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Saving kettle electricity
Kettles suck leccy at 2000W, So always only boil the amount of hot water required and reach for the off switch when boiling instead of waiting for the auto shut off.
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