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3 Dead Cert Tips

Insulate your radiators
Use insulation sheets or aluminium covered cardboard inserted behind your radiator to reflect the heat back into them.
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Stay Healthy
Our top tip! For quality of life, there is nothing that you can buy which will give you as much value as living a healthy life style. This will enable you to do more things and stay out of hospitals - how much is that worth? So eat porridge (which is very cheap) for breakfast. And get your fat arse down the gym.
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Make your own lunch.
Make your own lunch. Eating out or sandwich plus drink is going to cost upwards of £5 a day. We reckon by preparing your own food in bulk at home you can do this for about £3 a day. Plus you'll know what's gone into it and it'll likely be healthier. Do it for a month and save £50.
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