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3 Dead Cert Tips

Free Real Time Stock Market Information
If you would like to check stock prices and would like free real time information, try checking : http://marketdata.equiduct-trading.com They operate a trading platform and give out derived real time stock prices based on the best "VBBO" price from various connected exchanges.
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Stay Healthy
Our top tip! For quality of life, there is nothing that you can buy which will give you as much value as living a healthy life style. This will enable you to do more things and stay out of hospitals - how much is that worth? So eat porridge (which is very cheap) for breakfast. And get your fat arse down the gym.
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Coming to the end of a contact? Haggle.
If you're at the end of a contract then you should haggle for the best terms on a new deal. It is a very competitive market and your provider will wish to avoid allowing their contract customers going to another provider.
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