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3 Dead Cert Tips

Now is a good time to buy used cars
Now is a good time to buy used cars, especially 4x4s. As the petrol prices come down these look like stunning value if you can afford the fuel and running cost and your mileage is not too high. Pick up 3 year old Land Rover discoveris for £9,000 from a new price of £26,000.
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Get stuff, get rid of stuff FOR FREE
Try freecycle.org
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Borrow DVDs from your mates.
Find out which of your friends has the best DVD collection and talk to them about films. They will just love to talk about their collection with you and will probably lend some of them to you (don't be offended if thay say no) just remember to bring them back the next day or after w/end and they'll lend you more, saving the nightly £3 cost which can add up over the year. Just don't hang on them for ages , returning said DVD 3 months later.
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