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3 Dead Cert Tips

Stay Healthy
Our top tip! For quality of life, there is nothing that you can buy which will give you as much value as living a healthy life style. This will enable you to do more things and stay out of hospitals - how much is that worth? So eat porridge (which is very cheap) for breakfast. And get your fat arse down the gym.
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PAYG (Pay as you Go) can be cheaper
Ok, per minute & per text PAYG is more expensive BUT as always, its overall cost that counts. Remember there is no monthly tariff for PAYG users. If you're a low useage customer OR can use your company phone or someone elses phone and keep useage on your own phone to a minimum then your costs can become extremely low indeed as a PAYG customer. The other often forgotten but very important benefit of PAYG is that there is no risk of having to pay to get out of a contract. The mobile really will hold you to a long term contract if you signed up to it. Also another benefit is there is no chance of you running up a huge bill on your phone as your service will simply stop as you reach the end of your credit. PAYG is GOOD.
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Check tax band before buying
Check tax band before buying Car tax now based on CO2 emissions. Use vcacarfueldata.org.uk to work out the tax band (A to G) of your motor. The tax could be zero (Gwiz, hybrids) to £400 for larger cars. Unfortunately the Government is applying the tax retrospectively on cars up to 6 years old, so you could be in for a shock if you don't check up on what tax you will have to pay.
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